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Welcome to our simple guide to Charleston cruises. We hope that it is useful and entertaining for you. This site is part of a group that includes guides to many American cruise ports.

Cruises from Baltimore are on Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Ships depart year-round for the Bahamas, Caribbean, Bermuda and Canada.

Norfolk, Virginia is another cruise port to the north of Charleston. Norfolk cruises on Carnival go to the Bahamas.

South of Charleston you can find cruise lines out of Jacksonville FL. It's another year-round port, with departures to the Bahamas, Florida Rivers, and more.

A little farther south is Port Canaveral. Cruise Canaveral covers all the cruises from the port, which is close to Orlando and Cape Canaveral.

Port Everglades Cruise Guide is the authority on voyages from Fort Lauderdale to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, South America, and around the world. It's a very busy port.

Enjoy your cruise from Charleston. Bon voyage y'all!

Questions, comments or suggestions? Feel free to contact me.

Greg Manter, Publisher

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