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It's not difficult to find a good deal on a cruise from Charleston. Even at "full price" these all-inclusive vacations are a good value. Here are our tips for finding special cheap cruises.

Book your cruise early. For the best selection of cabins at excellent prices, make your reservation more than a year in advance. Cruise lines want to fill ships early, and they offer deals to entice you.

Use a travel agent that specializes in cruises. They have experience and knowledge to get you on a ship that you'll enjoy. And they have access to special discounts. Their service doesn't cost you anything - they earn a commission from the cruise line.

Join frequent passenger clubs. The cruise lines offer deals to their current passengers to get them to return. They want you to be loyal to their line so they give discounts to bring you back.

Look for last-minute cruise deals. This is the opposite of bargains for booking early. The cruise lines sometimes offer excellent last-minute cruise deals on unsold cabins when the ship departs in a month or less. The selection of cruises and cabins will be very limited (many cruises sell out), but you might luck into a great deal.

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